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If you're dreaming of buying a home and feel trapped by a couple of negative events in your credit history, or are self-employed; or perhaps have too brief an employment history to qualify with a bank under today's strict guidelines, then check out the possibility of the rent to own purchase process.  We can help you make your dream of home ownership come true! If you can afford a reasonable option down payment and can afford the monthly payments, chances are you can easily qualify for our Rent to Own option program from Nextage Team Realty. Call us today--you may be pleasantly surprised!
For every month you make your lease purchase payment in full and on time, you're on your way to repairing your credit. You'll have an agreement in place with the seller so you can continue to live in the home until you're ready to close on your lease option rent to own agreement. When the time is right, you will purchase the home at a pre-determined price with payments you know will work for you. In short, you can stop wasting your money on a regular rental, and start investing in your future home, today. Call to talk with one of our experts today!  We will be happy to answer all your questions in detail and find the right home for you and your family.

At Bloom Realty, we believe we're able to go beyond just listing and selling real estate, to create real opportunity.  There's a difference.  Our Lease Option Program ... Read more

"I’m extremely cautious nowadays, after I had my short sale a year ago. When Jimmy told me that he had a list of very nice homes that could work for us, I didn’t believe it at first. After what I had gone through with my short sale, I was not about to endure a qualifying process with any bank. My mindset was so fixed on the traditional methods, that I was blown away at how simple a lease-option could be. With Jimmy and Nextage, it was straight forward. I put down 6%, now I own a beautiful home. It was that easy."

Gene and Robin S., Westside
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